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Bonding is a conservative way to repair chipped, discolored or even crooked teeth. When you decide that you would like dental bonding, we will place a white colored filling onto your tooth. The filling comes in many different shades, so we can be sure that we find the shade that matches your teeth as close as possible. The filling will “bond” with your tooth to become a permanent fixture in your mouth.

Many people decide that they would prefer their cavity to be filled with dental bonding. The amalgam fillings are not a natural color and are much more noticeable in the mouth.  Depending on the location and the extent of the tooth decay, you may be able to use bonding for cavities in the front or the back of the mouth.

Bonding is usually the less expensive treatment option, as well. We can complete bonding in one visit. Bonding will also stain and break easier than treatments such as porcelain veneers. If you think that your bonding has broken or chipped, you should make an appointment with your dentist.  Dentists can often fix your bonding in just one visit. 

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