My name is Alicia and I have been a patient of Dr. Henderson and Dr. Goslee’s since the age of 6 and I am now 40. When it came time to choose a dentist for my children Morgan (now 9) and Ryan (now 5) there was no doubt in my mind I was going to give them the same wonderful care I received as a child. Dr. Goslee have showed them and gave them the most wonderful care and compassion. They have great patience, and make every patient comfortable. With my daughter Morgan, they have wiped her tears, and she is no longer afraid to go to the dentist. Going to the dentist now is a positive experience for her and that in itself is a Miracle. With my son Ryan, Dr. Goslee has made a great friend. Dr. Goslee treated him like one of his own children and has gained Ryan’s trust. Ryan had a lot of work done on his teeth for a young child and Dr. Goslee was wonderful with him and Ryan never once complained because he trusted Dr. Goslee and knew he was going to be alright. What I like most about Dr. Henderson and Dr. Goslee’s office is you never have to leave; you grow up through all of them. Dr. Goslee when you’re a child and Dr. Henderson when you’re an adult. Their Drs. Office has it all, like a family. I hope all that read this choose Dr. Henderson and Dr. Goslee for their dentist. They are the best choice for the whole family.  Alicia-Bristol

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the dental office of Henderson for the wonderful job they are doing. I have had dental problems my whole life and have always been apprehensive of going to the dentist. I dreaded having dentures made. After putting my foot down and deciding I needed to do something, my daughter referred me to Henderson and Goslee Family Dentistry, who have been her family’s dentists for some time. I went into my first appointment very nervous and not knowing what to expect. Well! What do you know? Everyone in that entire office made me feel like I was special and assured me that the process would go smoothly. It did. And it didn’t even hurt!
I now have a wonderful new sent of dentures, a beautiful smile, a wonderful friend in Dr. Marc Henderson, and some pretty wonderful staff I can count on.  PT-New Britain

My family members have been patients of Henderson and Goslee Family Dentistrye for years. My son’s first visit to the dentist was eventful to say the least. The staff was very friendly, sincere and understanding. He now enjoys going to the dentist and I attribute this to the staff.  H.C., Bristol

My entire family has been patients at this practice for over 20 years. The entire staff is very kind, caring, compassionate and highly skilled. We have treated with both Dr. Henderson and Dr. Goslee receiving great, gentle, top notch care. Thanks for all you do and for our beautiful smiles. B.T., Avon

I have a 5 year old who had dental issue and for years we went from one dentist to the other and nothing was accomplished because my daughter was not cooperative. We finally went to a nice dentist who referred us to Dr. Matt Goslee. Our visit to Dr. Goslee’s office was very pleasant. I knew at that point that something will be accomplished. My fear for the unknown started to diminish. Unfortunately, the fear of hearing my daughter had to go through surgery became real.  I WAS TERRIFIED.   The staff Becky assured me everything was going to be fine.  She is a great listener. Dr. Goslee explained the procedure to me in laymen terms.  He was very respectful and showed concern for my daughter and reassured me all will be well. The hospital staff and the operating team were very nice and supportive. The surgery was successful. All I have to say is a big thanks to Dr.Goslee and his staff and the team at Bradley Memorial. GOD BLESS YOU.   Joyce

I’ve been referring my friends and family to Dr. Goslee, like me they are very pleased. Dr. Goslee is a great listener and takes all of my concerns seriously. He goes through great lengths to ensure my daughter, Olivia, is comfortable with each step of the Orthodontics process. He is extremely patient and accommodating. I think anyone who has children knows how hard it can be to have them be afraid of a procedure, and it takes a very genuine special kind of person to work with them daily and Dr. Goslee is that special gifted human being. In addition to Dr. Goslee’s pleasant and warm demeanor, the office as a whole is just as pleasant, knowledgeable, with a personable approach.  C. R., Bristol

I just wanted to drop a few lines to say how wonderful all of you are. Your office is so warm and welcoming. I have been going to your office for at least 20 years and my children have all gone there too. Dr. Henderson and Dr. Goslee are incredible dentists. They always greet you with a big smile. They take the time to listen to any concerns you may have. They always make sure that you are comfortable. Most of your staff has been with them for years. THAT SAYS A LOT!! Most of the people I work with go to your group. They feel the same way I do about your wonderful group. I use to work approximately five minutes away from your office which made it very convenient to go at lunch time or right after work for my appointments. Now my employer has moved thirty minutes away so now I have to travel a distance for my appointments. I could very easily find a new dentist closer to work but no way will I find an office like yours. It is so worth it to see friendly dedicated people who truly care. In closing I just want to say THANK YOU for everything and I look forward to my next cleaning with Jen.  Pam, Bristol

I have nothing but great things to say about Henderson and Goslee Dentistry practice. I have been with them since I was 19 and I am 40 now. Let me first say it’s not only a Dr’s office it’s a family. It is a family- orientated environment. I had braces through them then my husband has had lots of crowns done in his mouth and my children both have had braces done there, well one is still in her braces, her 2nd phase. I want to say they never pressured me to have any work done. I could have chosen to pay less for my dental but refused because I do not trust anyone else with my family’s mouth. Thank you all for making every visit to the office a pleasurable one especially for my children who are now 14 and 10. Thank you for Kayla’s beautiful smile she loves to smile…  Thank you Lori, Eric, Kayla and Alyson, Bristol

There are many jokes about dentists or using their terminology = like i would rather have a tooth pulled than do that chore, or i would rather have a lousy day at work then spend one hour with the dentist. the list goes on and on, but obviously none of these people have been patients of Henderson and Goslee Dentistry.  As long time patients of these fine gentlemen, knowing their exceptional technical staff, and of course the friendly and efficient smiling faces in the front office, who would mind not mind going to the dentist. This is truly a group that knows the words teamwork, follow-up, caring, and great service and top notch work. If you have an emergency, they will fit you in, need an appointment time to suit your schedule, they can do that too. Last but not least, is the fact that you are more than a patient, you are a friend. You are treated with respect and welcomed to that special group on each visit.  J&J, Unionville, CT